mercoledì 8 gennaio 2014

Cécile Kyenge tra  i 100  leading global thinkers
Quando avremo finalmente una destra normale?

Oggi “il Giornale” se la prende con la rivista “Foreign policy” , colpevole di avere  inserito il Mininstro  Kyenge nella “lista dei cento pensatori  più influenti del 2013” ).
In realtà, la lista riguarda  coloro che

over the past year, have made a measurable difference in politics, business, technology, the arts, the sciences, and more. To get the ball rolling, we reach out to wonks, writers, experts, and policymakers on six continents for nominees. We look at the year's biggest stories and scour the weird and arcane from obscure journals. Then, armed with thousands of names, we sit down to hash out the list.


not every one of our Global Thinkers is an angel. There are a few we'd prefer were a little less successful, a few whose goals and motivations are mixed at best, and plenty who, though well-intentioned, may not achieve what they set out to. But the vast majority are not only accomplished—they are affirming. They are doing nothing less than bringing peace, protecting the planet, and pushing the boundaries of the possible. Their achievements are the reward of talent and dedication, and we all benefit

Inoltre ,   il ministro  italiano   è  posto tra   i “ decision makers” e non genericamente  tra i filosofi…  La signora Kyenge   coloro, il cui

High office—whether elected, appointed, or simply taken—comes with power. But that is not a sufficient precondition for success. Among the world's hundreds 
of regents, presidents, chairmen, ministers, and secretaries, only a few really stand out for the risks they have taken and the changes they have made. Their impact is not always uniformly positive and sometimes their gambits are not rewarded, but their influence cannot be denied. In this category, we acknowledge leaders 
who have shown the courage to lay their reputations on the line, the cunning to seize opportunities, or the 
wisdom to recognize that the worst enemy of the political establishment is often inertia.

E in particolare:

For combating  Europe’s persistent xenophobia

Perciò  la tirata  del  “Giornale”  è totalmente   fuori bersaglio. Tra l’altro la  signora Kienge si trova in compagnia , solo  per fare tre nomi . di Mario Draghi,  Vladimir Putin, Ben  Bernanke…
Dovremmo essere orgogliosi  di avere due italiani,  nella speciale classifica dei  “decision makers"…  E invece, si scrivono articoli che comprovano   l’Italian’s persisten xenophobia. Vergogna.
Quando avremo, finalmente, una destra normale?

Carlo Gambescia

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